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Fabric Storage Cubes
So I was staring at this shelf one day...
You think it's messy?
And you think my blue dollar store basket is tacky?
I completely agree.
I could just buy a few of these....
Maybe you too have a shelf that needs some love?
Here's how I made the fabric storage cubes...
Measure the height and width of your shelf to determine how big you want your boxes to be. They don't need to be perfect cubes. The height and width of mine were different.
I cut out four pieces from the patterned fabric for the exterior of my box.  2 pieces were 8x9 and the other two were 9x10.  I did the same from the brown fabric that I used for the lining of my box.
I sew them right sides together alternating big rectangle then little rectangle. Then I sewed the ends together to make a circle like the photo above on the right.
I then remeasured each side (since they were now a bit smaller from the seams) and cut out a piece using those measurements for the bottom and sewed it to the square.  I did the same for the lining but when I attached the bottom, I only attached it to three sides and left one side open.
Turn them both inside out and put one inside the other so the right sides are touching. Pin along the raw edge. Sew along the raw edge.
Turn it inside out through the hole in the lining then stuff the lining inside the exterior.
Cut out a cardboard piece for each side of the box and the bottom. Stick them through the hole in the lining. Once each piece of cardboard is in it's place, sew up the lining hole.  To keep the fabric from slipping around. I also sewed three or four stitches in each bottom corner.
But they're 8 bucks each and they don't have the size or color I'd like.....
I thought I'd make my own! They cost me 1 dollar each to make and about an hour of my time. I used about 1/4 yd of fabric and cardboard- which I heard about from Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts....Genius idea! 
It's amazing what storage cubes and little bit of folding can do!
But I might need to steal them and use them for this shelf...
Much Better!