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Paper Bag Skirt
I was really excited how this skirt turned out and how easy it was!  When I saw this flower fabric (at Hobby Lobby) I immediately knew I was going to use it for this skirt! Recognize those fabric flowers on my hip? They're from the tutorial last friday.
I bought one yard of fabric and used the entire thing. You may need more or less depending on your size and how long/frumpy you want your skirt to be. Also, a stiffer fabric will give the skirt more body. I used lightweight cotton fabric so it would drape and not be frumpy. 
I cut my yard of fabric in half long ways then sewed the two pieces together along the short edges right sides together. Hem both rough edges. One hem should be the normal 1/4 inch and the other needs to be more since it will later be the top of the skirt. I hemmed the top of mine about 1/2 inch but wished I would've made it bigger so the wrong side of the material would show less. You can see in the photos that the top of my skirt, where the pleats are, the wrong side of the fabric shows a bit.
Then make pleats around the top of the skirt until the circumference measures the same as the smallest part of your waist. Pin each pleat.
I then added a zipper to the side seam. Hey come back!  Don't run away just because you saw the word zipper! Mine took 5 minutes to install using this simple tutorial you can find HERE.

They show you how to keep your zipper in place while you sew by using glue rather than pins.  It makes the process so smooth! I used an invisible zipper 9 inches long. A 6 inch zipper would also work for this skirt since it is not very tight fitting.
Next sew the pleats! Mark about a 1/2 an inch down from the top of the skirt on each pleat. Sew 1 and 1/2 inches straight down towards the bottom of the skirt for each pleat. If you choose to wear a belt with the skirt, it will lay across these stitches.
After I took this picture, I sewed up another 1/2 inch towards the top of the skirt so the pleats wouldn't be so flimsy and show the wrong side of the fabric after I put it on. The stitches are hard to see so I've outlined them in yellow.
That's pretty much it! You could also add your own fun touches...I sewed on three little fabric flowers. You can find the tutorial for those HERE.
Try it with a belt...